Vendible Launches Wallet Beta Testing

Original post April 6, 2022

Vendible, has opened access to their wallet application for their Beta waitlist contest winners, marking the beginning of a release-feedback improvement cycle. This release also marks a significant milestone for the world of Vendible as the wallet application serves as the entry point for many features and services designed to create a simplified and secure Web3.0 experience for everyone.

“ Building a network to support the community is impossible without a rigorous beta testing phase where we collect direct feedback from the community we designed our platform for.” Tiffiny E. Dixon, Director of Marketing & Communications.

Vendible is a Web3.0 engine designed for everyone, created as a gateway that allows you to own your data & assets and protect them against theft and misuse.

This announcement serves as a sneak peek into the range of Vendible products and services, yet to be released, and broadens the scope of their commitment to the community. Follow Vendible across their social media networks for updates on a series of information videos and live virtual events scheduled to launch over the coming weeks, aimed at outlining the company's scope, vision, and next steps.

Vendible is currently in the beta testing phase of its Defi wallet, chosen as the first of its functions to be released as the wallet’s identification process is a user’s entryway to the world of Vendible.