Vendible Closes Seed Round to Make DeFi Accessible for Everyone

Original Post April 20, 2022

Vendible is proud to announce the closing of its Token Seed round of USD 1.78 million. Participation in the round included Borderless Capital, Woodstock Fund, Bixin Ventures, NGC Ventures, and Big Brain Holdings. After being over-subscribed, the company will escalate its Private round raise and has already secured commitments from Bixin and NGC.

Vendible provides simple solutions for individuals, communities, and developers that remove complexity to make DeFi accessible for everyone. The support of value-added partners with a shared desire to eliminate fear and uncertainty that act as obstacles blocking DeFi adoption for most people is invaluable.

This announcement comes just weeks after launching beta testing with 500 real-time and globally diverse users, with more than 400,000 waiting to join.

“At Vendible, Douglas and Gwin are addressing a very real problem: compromised privacy. There is no privacy on-chain unless users actively take steps to protect their personal information. Vendible is enabling frictionless financial services for enterprises, users, and governments worldwide by combining secure identity and assets with a margin payment engine.” Himanshu Yadav- Founding Partner — @Woodstockfund

“Looking for a blockchain payment solution that protects privacy and is also regulation-compliant? Vendible addresses both needs perfectly.” Rick Liu — Partner — @BixinVentures

Vendible will use the funding to continue optimizing its infrastructure, which combines identity, data, and privacy in a package that developers can leverage to build outstanding experiences that scale quickly, reaching any audience with its unique Sovereign model.

Vendible will soon announce the first application clients and services for developers in their first step towards broadening users’ scope beyond what many think is possible in Web3.

“Our goal is to ensure that everyone, not just current participants, feels safe and secure enjoying the benefits of DeFi. We are building long-term relationships with partners who understand our mission and are ready to help us propel the adoption of these transformative technologies.” Doug Broughton, Founder & CEO — @GoVendible

“Vendibles roadmap and overall mission align seamlessly with our goal to invest capital in companies that accelerate blockchain access. Since we do not just provide investment, we look forward to nurturing our partnership and providing continuing support as more of a vision partner and not just a monetary investor.” David Garcia, Founding Managing Partner-@borderless_cap

Vendible was created as a gateway to offer users a sustainable way to protect user data and assets, therefore, enjoying the full benefits of web3. As Vendible continues to roll out its features, the cooperative network will begin to build upon and support each other to benefit everyone engaging with the platform.

“Vendible has gained the confidence and trust with these investor relationships. We have a long-term mutual alignment, enabling us to stay true to our mission to provide simple, safe, and secure Defi accessibility for everyone.”Gwin Scott, Founder & COO @GoVendible.

About Vendible:

Co-founded by Douglass Broughton and Gwin Scott, built on the Algorand blockchain, and recipient of a 2021 Algorand Foundation Grant Award, Vendible provides simple solutions for individuals, communities, and developers that remove complexity to make DeFi accessible for everyone.

Vendible combines identity, data, and privacy to manage growth, security, and compliance so developers can build outstanding experiences and scale quickly, reaching any audience with our unique Sovereign model.

Understanding that DeFi will benefit billions but fear, uncertainty, and lack of technical knowledge is a chasm blocking adoption for most people.

Follow Vendible across their social media networks for updates on a series of information videos and live virtual events scheduled to launch over the coming weeks, outlining the company’s scope, vision, and next steps.


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