Vendible 24k ALGO Utility NFT Contest

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The Vendible community is participation based. This contest reflects that spirit. Please, check back daily for any changes to the rules.

A total of 6700 Ible City NFTs are for sale on ALGOxNFT.

There are 200 Ible City NFTs to give away during the contest; 20,400 ALGO worth.

Day 1 Contest Rules: View on Twitter

Vendible will give, at random to those who meet the daily rules, 10 NFTs for every 335 NFTs sold. The award is 10 NFTs to 10 lucky contestants, not 10 NFTs to one contestant.

The winners will have their choice of Series II: Foundational Teal or Series III: Throwback Blue while supply lasts.

To qualify, a contestant must:

  1. Follow Vendible on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet their favorite quote from the latest blog post on our website:
  3. Tag 3 friends in the post

The rewards follow this structure (multiples of 335):

335 sold = 10 NFTs given to 10 random winners

670 sold = 20 NFTs given to 20 random winners

1005 sold = 30 NFTs given to 30 random winners

6700 sold = 200 NFTs given to 200 random winners

The contest runs for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, Vendible will calculate the total NFTs to be distributed based on the number of Ible City NFTs sold during the period and randomly select the winners.

Winners will be announced in a post and should contact Vendible directly, not in the post, to claim the prize. Please do not post your account public address on Twitter.