The Wait is Almost Over for VEND!

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We are closing in on testnet for our new product Trustible and the launch of the VEND token.

Here are the quick facts.

  • 30 Million VEND for Trustible testnet.
  • An extra 1.5M VEND for wallet waitlist.
  • We will release VEND on testnet to start and mainnet halfway through our testing phase.
  • First access to testnet and extra rewards for everyone who purchases an NFT from our exciting series Ible City.
  • We will open testnet after we have released all six series of the NFT collection.

There is no open sale for VEND. We will distribute VEND trough participation. We have 30 million VEND waiting for everyone who helps us test Trustible. That is 2.5% of the total fixed supply. This is the big opportunity to get VEND.

There are several ways to sign up for testnet.

  1. If you were previously on the beta waitlist you are already signed up for Trustible testnet. The VEND credits you received carry over. No need to do anything eles.
  2. You can sign up directly on our website.
  3. You can purchase an NFT from our series Ible City. No forms to sign with this option.

While there are several paths, getting yourself an NFT is the way to get the most VEND possible. Below is a breakdown of how we will distribute VEND.

1. The most rewards: Ible City holder and previously signed up for the wallet beta waitlist = 4x VEND

1. Ible City holder only= 3x VEND

1. Wallet beta waitlist only= 2x VEND

1. General testnet signup on website= VEND

Long story short — having at least one Ible City NFT gets you the most VEND possible. Getting more NFTs up front will help you level up your assets for even more rewards including greater access to our upcoming DAO Treasury!!!

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Vendible will take 30% of all profits, collected in (BTC, ETH, ALGO, etc) and place them in a treasury for the VEND holders to control. We believe this system will help encourage our community to help spread the word about Vendible and our products.

VEND holders can issue dividends, make investments, or launch new products. It’s up to you! Learn more on our website.

VEND is a deflationary token. After TGE, the only release of VEND is for participation events. This will be no more than 2% per year unless supply is critically low. Each time an account is created using the Vendible system, a portion of the sale is converted into VEND off an exchange and locked into that account while it is in use.

For everyone who received their first beta wallet email but has not received a code, no worries. You are included whether you have the invite for the wallet or not. We had almost 500k people sign up for the wallet. For now, we are keeping the wallet in closed beta with a smaller test group to help us work on our innovations. We hope to have everyone on the original list invited prior to the close of the Trustible testnet.

Trustible is a private key recovery service which uses our decentralized identity vaults to secure your keys. If you lose a seed phrase and can no longer access your wallet, you can come to Trustible and the biometrics and identity vault will help restore access for you. The best part is no one ever sees, stores, processes, or has access to your private keys — not even Vendible.

Our plan is to release all six series in our NFT collection across4 chains (Algorand, Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana) and then go into testnet. The series is multi-chain just like Trustible. Everyone will receive VEND on testnet as we begin. VEND will launch on mainnet halfway through testnet when we open-source our entire solution.

The quickest way to jump to the front of the line and get the most rewards is to grab an NFT from our new collection, Ible City. This series is bold and ambitious. It is a utility NFT which we will launch on multiple networks since Trustible is a cross-chain product. We are starting on Algorand, before moving to Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum.

Later in testnet, NFTs can be merged (even cross-chain) to get higher rewards.

A full list of utilities is available on our updated website but we believe the value of the asset is far beyond the cost. Even the savings alone, protecting 10 keys, would be worth twice the current price. When you add in getting more VEND and DAO rewards…it is going to be big.

The only other ask we have is please follow us on Twitter and discord as we are dropping a lot of information daily to help get everyone prepared.

If you’ve made it this far, we thank you. We know your time is very valuable. If you would like to dive deeper, visit our website, or check out this in-depth AMA with our founder Doug as he takes us through the history, current launch, and future plans for Vendible.

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Check out our new website

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