Vendible and Nimble join forces to build a safer Web3

Original Post July 15, 2022

Vendible, the web3 identity & asset protector, and Nimble, the web3 insurance provider, announce their partnership today. With a strong focus on and commitment to the community, Vendible and Nimble have come together to accelerate web3 mass adoption by focusing on the total web2 to web3 user experience and developing ways for all community members to benefit from web3 adoption. Vendible offers their users complete transaction privacy, asset protection, and, with the release of their NFT marketplace, ownership protection for digital assets. Joining forces with Nimble to provide insurance for members of the Vendible world means no longer having to worry about losing their assets if they lose their keys and enhanced protection of ownership rights in the event of an accidental NFT asset leak.  

   Vendible provides simple solutions for individuals, communities, and developers that remove complexity to make DeFi accessible for everyone. The Vendible infrastructure combines identity, data, and privacy to manage growth, security, and compliance so developers can build outstanding experiences and scale quickly, reaching any audience with their unique Sovereign model.  

   “Helping to ensure peace of mind is critical for those who need reassurance when trying something new. Nimble provides that essential service to help move DeFi adoption to a wider audience. It perfectly matches what we are building in our network.” Douglas Broughton, Founder | CEO Vendible  

   Nimble focuses on re-thinking insurance for a decentralized future. The Nimble mission sees a world where insureds, underwriters, actuaries, LPs, assessors and appraisers, and all players in the insurance system can work anonymously and autonomously to create profitable and efficient risk pools.  

   “Rethinking the way data, security, insurance, and protection all work together is a critical aspect for a robust way forward for Web3 - and the global economy. We are at a point where equitable opportunities exist in ways that have never existed before. Of course, this starts with utility, access, and ‘friction-less-ness’. Vendible is creating innovative ways to protect and recover assets. We are very excited to partner with them to bring this cutting-edge solution to users and projects in a cost-effective and equitable manner.”  
    Adam Hofman - Founder | CEO Nimble  


   Media Inquiries  

   Vendible Media Contact: Tiffiny E. Dixon  

   Nimble Media Contact: Adam Hofmann