Welcome to Ible

Ible City is the first environment in the Vendible ecosystem.

The story

Like many major cities, the air in Ible has become polluted due to neglect of the environment. The atmosphere is thick with clouds of smog. This pollution has led to many issues for those that live there. As a leading cause of problems leading to death, the effects of air pollution on all of our lives are shocking. The community must work together to clean the air.

What is Ible City?

Ible City is 16,000 Level 1 xNFT assets launched in 6 different series. We call them xNFTs, or Cross-Network Fungible Tokens, as they are minted on the Algorand, Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana networks - all with the same utility and value.

Why we created Ible City?

Vendible is preparing to launch Trustible, a sovereign private key protection system that helps ensure you never lose your private keys using our zero-knowledge decentralized identity vaults. With Trustible, your keys are safe from loss without any third party, including Vendible, ever seeing, storing, sharing, or accessing your keys.

We need a solid and committed community to support our launch through testnet and into mainnet. Ible City will help Vendible reach communities cross-chain as our product helps protects keys across all significant blockchains.

Why become an Ibler?

Get one unique Ibler PFP NFT for each Ible City NFT

1200+ VEND tokens for every NFT when you participate in testnet

Discounts on Trustible Services

Level-up your NFTs for greater discounts and rewards

Rent your NFTs to others so they can get Trustible discounts

Distribute air monitors and filters to help clean our atmosphere

Governance and bonus rewards from the DAO profit-share treasury

Join our City Council

Pick up an xNFT today to claim your spot in our testnet and earn VEND token for participating.

Level 1: Series 1-3 live on ALGOxNFT

Level 1: Series 4 live on OpenSea

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